A platform to optimize patient engagement to provide the highest level of care

A low-tech tool doctors can use to engage and educate their patients through curated content outside of the office.

No Credit Card Required

Healthcare Has Problems

  • Physician Burnout
  • ​Patient Dissatisfaction
  • ​Burden of Documentation

For patients, the complexity of procedures and interventions can be overwhelming. It's hard for patients and caregivers to completely comprehend their condition and treatment plan in the limited time of their doctor's appointment.

For doctors, many feel overwhelmed with their workloads and administrative responsibilities which can lead to moral-injury and so much more.

Effectively Engage Your Patients with Paths

Paths are steps in a journey where you track and measure development to attain a goal. It's a new type of packaged content that goes beyond the typical course or class.

  • Build Content for Your Patients

    Curate any combination of videos, forms, virtual events, audio files, and documents as needed to communicate to and educate your patients.

  • Share Content with Your Patients

    Patients have access to customized self paced paths to engage with the content assembled.

Simplify the Patient Experience

Combat misinformation and streamline segmented processes to implement your individualized care plans.

Measure Your Clinic's Engagement

Empirical Evidence of Relationships Built and Lives Touched

Organizational Insights

Every touchpoint of your patient experience is documented:
videos watched, forms filled, PDFs viewed etc.

Patient Activity

Drill down to the patient level to track individual progress and engagement.

How Can You Use Paths?

Just about any aspect of patient care can become a path...

  • Patient Onboarding

    Create forms to onboard your patients with ease before the appointment

    Patient Education

    Educate your patients on their diagnosis or pre-appointment to-do items

    Individualized Care Plans

    Create take home resources for the patient and their caretaker