Client Engagement

Package your content into a format that is easy for users to consume and organizers to track outcomes.

No Credit Card Required

Effectively Engage Your Community
with Paths

Paths are steps in a journey where you track and measure development to attain a goal.It's a new type of packaged content that goes beyond the typical course or class.

  • Package Your Curriculum

    Combine videos, forms, virtual events, audio files, and documents as needed to communicate to and educate your audience.

  • Distribute Your Curriculum

    Donors, volunteers, and clients have access to self paced paths to engage with the assembled curriculum.

Simplify Processes

Turn segmented process and misplaced content in multiple places into a streamlined path for your audience to consume and follow

Measure Your Nonprofit's Engagement

Powerful analytical tools that allow you to measure where you are connecting and where adjustments can be made

Organizational Insights

Every touchpoint of your users is documented:videos watched, forms filled, PDFs viewed etc.

Individual Insights

Drill down to the user level to track individual progress and engagement.

Partner with us in our mission to change the world, one Path at a time

No credit card needed