They say you can't measure discipleship... 

​We disagree.

FAITHPaths provides Church Leaders with engagement tools for growing faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. 

And... analytical tools that help you measure that engagement.

God's mission.
Your vision.
​Our engagement tool.

A powerful remote engagement tool for growing faithful disciples of Jesus.

Make disciples. We'll help.

The last thing you need is another “quick-fix” church growth strategy for your church. 

Discipleship means becoming more like Jesus for the sake of others. Unfortunately, we have churches filled with people who don't really understand what it means to be a disciple, much less what it means to make a disciple. Now you can help them, show them, encourage them, equip and empower them, and give them steps to guide them on their Path to faithful discipleship.

You have a vision for making disciples. What you need now is a reliable tool to help you communicate that vision and engage your people in God’s Kingdom.

FaithPaths is an innovative tool that allows churches to significantly increase community engagement with the mission and vision you already have in place, or propel you toward a vision you feel God is calling you toward.

> FaithPaths is easy for you and your team to use, and easy to deploy to your congregation. 

> FaithPaths has powerful analytical tools that allow you to measure where you are connecting and where adjustments can be made. 

> FaithPaths will increase missional accountability for you, your staff, and your congregation.

Easy for you to create and even easier for your congregation to connect!

5 Simple Steps:

   1. Create a PATH.

   2. Add in easy-to-use modules from the toolbox.

          (videos, audio, documents, live events, surveys, polls, and more!)  

   3. Share the PATH with your congregation.

   4. They sign in and follow the PATH you created.

   5. You see how they are engaging with the vision! 

What kinds of FaithPaths can you make?

Just about anything can become a FaithPath...

Sermon Series Paths

Dramatically increase engagement with your sermon series... Provide individuals and small groups with supplemental materials for your sermon series. Video, Podcasts, Documents, and more! 

Discipleship Paths

Provide new and existing believers with steps to help them grow in their faith journey. Paths can be created for the whole church, small groups, or even individuals.

New Member Paths

Help new and prospective members discover your vision, mission, and values through videos, podcasts, and other innovative discovery tools. 

Volunteer & Staff Training Paths

Preparing and on-boarding new volunteers and staff members has never been easier. Put all your training resources (videos, documents, etc) into easy-to-follow steps that increase new volunteer and employee success. 

Get started in 3 easy steps

Couldn't be easier. Let's get started!

Create an Account

Designate an admin (or 2 or 3) to create and organize paths. 

Set up your organization

We guide you through a painless setup process that helps us get to know you and your organization better. 

Build and post your paths

You're all done! You are now in control of your message and you're ready to start tracking community engagement. 

Get started now


Choose the package that is best for your organization. Or... sign up for a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL to try before you buy!

Unlimited. Really! 
Here's What's Included:

 Add Your Church Branding and Logos

 Create Unlimited Paths

 Take Advantage of All of Our Path Building Tools 

                (we’re adding more new tools soon!)

 Create Unlimited Groups

 Add Unlimited Account Admins

 Enjoy Full Access to Your Powerful Path Insights

 Email and In-App Chat Support is Included

 We Provide Initial Paths Platform Onboarding Assistance

Optional FaithPaths Offerings:
  • Extensive Paths Platform Onboarding Assistance
  • Custom Path Development and Design Assistance
  • Strategy / Vision / Leadership Consulting & Coaching for Your Organization

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We're ready to help...

If you are a pastor or church leader looking for a more powerful tool for community engagement, you are not alone. FaithPaths can help you communicate beyond the walls of your church building, helping you guide your community into a deeper, more faithful, spiritual relationship with God. 

And, if you need some help with that, let us know. We can provide your church with the help you need to put your vision into action.

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“Our congregation has never been so engaged with our discipleship strategy. We are seeing real change. And, because we can see where they are connecting on the PATH, we have been able to make effective adjustments as needed.”

— Rev. Pastor Guy

"This has revolutionized the way we do ministry. The world is changing!" - Rev. Pastor Lady

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