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Streamline your engagement with donors, volunteers, clients and more... PurposePaths provides Organizational Leaders with powerful engagement tools for change. 

Your passion, fully engaged. 

Insanity: Einstein was right.

Your challenge... money. volunteers. training. time. {repeat} 

Keep your organization in balance with PurposePaths.

Easily create accessible next steps for training your team, for engaging donors, for onboarding new volunteers, and so much more! 

Easy for you to create and even easier for your community to connect!

5 Simple Steps:

   1. Create a PATH.
   2. Drop in easy-to-use modules from your toolkit.
          (videos, audio, documents, live events, surveys, polls, and more!)  
   3. Share the PATH with your community.
   4. They sign in and follow the PATH you created.
   5. You see how they are engaging with the vision!                                               


Give it a try!

What kinds of PurposePaths can you make?

Just about anything can become a Path...

Staff, Board Members, and Volunteer Training Paths

Training staff, board members, and volunteers is critical and never-ending for NPOs. With PurposePaths, you can create a training Path once, and then your staff and volunteers have access to it anytime on demand. This will maximize your time as a leader, improve engagement, and dramatically increase the quality and consistency of your onboarding. 

Donor Engagement Paths

NPOs live and breathe on the generous donations of benefactors. PurposePaths allows you to increase awareness and empathy by creating micro-learning Paths that inform, educate, and engage existing and potential donors.   

Business Partnership Paths

Your strategic business partnerships are vital for sponsorships and service hours. PurposePaths will help you onboard corporate volunteers and allow you and their leadership to track engagement. 

Businesses want data. They want to see how you're moving the dial. They have many options for their corporate social responsibility efforts. Make your mission stand out. 

Event Training and Engagement

Time for the annual fund raiser banquet or golf tournament? PurposePaths can help you and your team work through the steps and keep everyone on purpose. 

So much more!

Just about any aspect of your vision as a NPO can become a Path. Let us help you think through the options for your organization! 

Increase and simplify strategic business partnerships.

Businesses can push your mission forward. You want to attract and develop key relationships with corporate businesses that love to engage with NPOs for volunteer projects and service days. 

With PurposePaths you can more effective and efficiently prepare and onboard volunteers before they arrive on location. 

Next Level Knowledge... The powerful analytics enable employers and your organization to track and measure engagement of their employees. Offering this useful feature can business leaders decide where to donate and direct service hours. 

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You're all done! You are now in control of your message and you're ready to start tracking community engagement. 

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“Our organization has never been so engaged with our mission. We are seeing real change. And, because we can see where they are connecting on the PATH, we have been able to make effective adjustments as needed.”

— Org Leader

"This has revolutionized the way we do everything. The world is changing!" - Org Leader 2

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