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    Package your content into a format that is easy for users to consume and organizers to track progress.

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Simplify the journey for your audience. Catalogue virtual events, PDF's, videos, audios, and more into paths with measurable steps to keep all informed and engaged. 

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Determine your audience for microlearning. Pull your resources together. 

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Add your brand, then add videos, audios, files, virtual events, and more.

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Who are paths for?

Paths are for organizations who need to streamline a process so the organization and their clients save time and energy. ANYTHING CAN BE A PATH! Examples include: training volunteers, improving athletic skills, student development, patient education, and onboarding new employees. 

From chaos to clarity.

Think of VillagePaths as a hub - a place where you create, edit, and manage your digital resources and e-learning experiences. Easily build seamless workflows to keep your students, team, staff, volunteers, or potential clients knowledgable and on task. 

Seamless integration with your website.

Paths are completely customizable and easily integrate with your existing website with a snippet of code.  

Measure engagement.

We provide you with powerful analytics tools so you can track engagement to build deeper, more meaningful relations. 

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What are Paths?

Paths are steps in a journey where you track and measure development to attain a goal. It's a new type of packaged content that goes beyond the typical course or class. 

Go from ideas to opportunities.

Through Paths, you can create new interactive experiences and skills that help you onboard new employees or volunteers, offer a certification program, or provide supplemental materials for a lecture or program series. 

Learn though layered tools.

Organizations use many different customized learning tools to create Paths such as video and audio files, virtual events, documents, and so much more.

Track progress.

Review Paths, track progress, and share milestones with others. Paths make it easy for you to take charge of your personal development vision and strategy. 

Don't just take our word for it.

Read what other organizers have to say about VillagePaths:

Ben Moser

President and CEO

United Way

"Our organization is multifaceted with different types of stakeholders which accomplishes much with few resources. For us, the power of VillagePaths is twofold; both the ability to connect users to curated sets of materials that accelerate learning, and the ability to measure that progress."

Yarrow Kraner
CEO & Founder

"I lead an activated global network of changemakers. From catalytic experiences, to think tanks, to mentoring the next generation through educational programs our logistic needs are vast and wide. VillagePaths gives us structure and focus to keep all participants on the same page as we educate, convene, and change the world.

Brittany Branyon
Program Director
Auburn University

"We are always looking for ways to better engage our volunteers, students, and donors to help each discover their purpose through learning, giving, and growing. VillagePaths streamlines our educational efforts with documentation to know “who is doing what” in real time. It’s a timesaver for organizations. This process improvement tool is worth considering."

Audrey Marshall
Work-Based Learning Coordinator
Auburn City Schools 

"VillagePaths has provided my students with a tool which allows online access to curriculum individually tailored to meet my course objectives. The user interface provides an easy-to-use platform which directs learners to enriching learning experiences that engage and empower them to take charge of their future success. Overall, the experience of using this content management system has been a plus for tracking the progress of learners."  

VillagePaths offers a low-tech experience that guides your community step-by-step through a process.

Want to learn more about the sectors we serve?

Explore below to learn more. 

CarePaths for Healthcare.

Doctors have a dilemma...  You just don't get enough time with your patients to give them the thoroughness of ongoing compassionate care they deserve. 

CarePaths allows doctors to compassionately and confidentially provide important information and continued education that is easy to create, easy for the patient to use, and reliably measurable to track patient progress outside of the office. 

CarePaths is fully HIPPA compliant. 

Learn more about CarePaths

FaithPaths for Churches.

As a pastor or church leader, you have a vision about what faithful discipleship should look like, but haven't had the right tools for accountable engagement. 


Introducing FaithPaths. It's not just some new off-the-shelf discipleship strategy. 

FaithPaths is an innovative tool that allows churches to significantly increase community engagement with the mission and vision already in place, or propel you toward the vision you feel God is calling you toward. 

Learn more about FaithPaths

PurposePaths for NPO's.

You know you have a purpose. It's burning within you. "Let's make a difference and do it the right way!" 

PurposePaths is the tool you've needed to move your nonprofit organization forward toward your mission. 

PurposePaths will help you engage and excite your community, train and equip your volunteers better than ever before, and onboard your employees so they are ready to join you on your adventure! Trust us... You need this tool. 

Learn more about PurposePaths

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Remote Engagement Toolkit

The following features will help you create and manage your Paths and engage with your community.


Upload PDF's and other documents so your users can read them online or download for offline use.


Embed video from YouTube® or Vimeo®. Create your own content and drop in pre-produced content from others. Organize videos as single units or in collections. 


Embed audio from SoundCloud® or drop in your own MP3 files. Organize audio files as single units or in collections. 

Virtual Events

Review Path engagement by member or by Path. Our powerful analytical tools are always available to you. 


Collaboration is easier with someone from your organization. Invite your teammates to help you manage it. 


A waiver is a great way to get approval from students. You can create a lot of them and exclude any claims.


Issue a certificate with ease for your students to receive after completion. Choose from several templates.

Contacts & 
Path Members

Keep up with all of the people who belong to your organization - all in one place, details, Paths, and activity. 


Review Path engagement by member or by Path. Our powerful analytical tools are always available to you. 

New engagement tools coming soon...


Share a presentation with your organization in a new and innovative way.

Polls / Surveys

Create polls and surveys to discover interest and increase engagement. 


A waiver is a great way to get approval from students. You can create a lot of them and exclude any claims.

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