They're filled with anxiety and stress. Your patient has just received a diagnosis that's difficult to process and understand. Limited time prevents in-depth discussions to ease their concerns. Often, they resort to searching the internet, trying to recall what was communicated during their appointment, becoming more anxious instead of feeling confident about their next steps.

Introducing Paths: Improving patient outcomes through an optimized doctor-patient experience.

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Streamline Your Patient's Healthcare Journey

Paths gives you the tools you need to communicate and engage at the highest level with your patients or clients. Paths will help you improve patient outcomes, decrease readmissions, expand patient education, and lower costs, all while simultaneously raising efficiency. Our powerful patient insights give you the data to measure your improved outcomes and see how your patients are engaging in their care.

It’s all about time.
Diagnoses of critical illnesses continue to rise yet time for doctors to spend with their newly diagnosed patients continues to decrease. Paths is here to solve this problem one patient at a time!

Simplify Patient Education with Steps

Paths gives doctors and team members the ability to create and share educational material to help their patients in the journey from diagnosis through recovery.

Get ahead of your patient before they web search the wrong information for their condition. Curate your own combination of videos, forms, documents, or audio files into a series of steps that will form a Path.

Don’t make their next steps any harder than they need to be! Share your newly created Path through email, text messages, a custom link, or even embedded on your website.

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Great for welcoming new patients to your practice, giving info on a new diagnosis, drug type and usage, Also, great for "what to expect" for mammogram, colonoscopy, or treadmill stress test, and more.

You can create the content, insert videos from YouTube or Vimeo, or work with our Paths creative team to develop high-quality video assets for your practice.


Great for giving your patient a deeper dive into their disease to better understand: hypertension, diabetes, insulin resistance, high cholesterol, and so much more.

And... you can record audio notes to your patient right on your phone or other device and upload it for immediate sharing. Your patient will thank you as they listen to your instructions over and over for clarity and better outcomes.


PDFs are a great way to provide handouts or infographics to your patients with the do's and dont's for managing their diagnosis such as: diabetes or hypertension, post-procedure care, or what to do to prepare for your doctor's visit.

Virtual Event

Great for upcoming virtual patient appointments, support groups, diabetes education,  patient education events on your topic of choice, and guest speakers for your patients to discuss a healthcare topic, between visit engagement.


Excellent for adding context, providing information, or giving a visual reference which may aid your patient on their Path. You can share X-rays, infographics, charts, etc.


Great for new patient onboarding, medical and social history forms, medication lists, collecting insurance info, intake forms, etc. Can be exported and loaded into your EHR.

Better Educated Patients

Create and share educational material to help your patients from diagnosis through disease management

Improved Patient Outcomes

Better educated patients means a reduction in readmissions. This is measurable with Paths

Increased Practice Efficiency

Save your office staff time by digitizing paperwork, FAQs, and educational materials

Improve Practice Efficiency Through Granular Data of Patient Behavior

Understand the patient journey from diagnosis to management.

Knowledge is Power

With documentation of every touchpoint, medical teams have metics to improve outcomes, increase reimbursement, and reduce the burden of insurance requirements.

What Seamless Patient Experience Will You Create?

Examples Patient Paths
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Lee Sharma, MD


"Paths will revolutionize our ability to inform and educate our patients, as well as expanding our virtual presence with them. It is the future of patient education."

Christine Meyer, MD

Pennsylvania, Primary Care

"Paths is transforming doctor-patient communication and saving lives!"

Molly Gamble

Vice President of Editorial, Becker's Healthcare

"This is going to b so many more people, both physicians, care teams, and patients"

Better outcomes with better education.
One patient at a time.
One step at a time.

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