The platform for organizations to
increase engagement
and measure impact

Communicate your message effectively with
streamlined content packaging and progress tracking.

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Effectively Communicate with Paths

Paths are steps in a journey where you track and measure development to attain a goal.
It's a new type of packaged content that goes beyond the typical course or class.

  • Build Content

    Create any combination of videos, forms, virtual events, documents, audio files into a series of steps to make a Path.

  • Share Content

    Each Path can be embedded on your website, emailed, texted or shared through custom link for users to engage with.

Simplify the Journey

Turn a complex and scattered process into a streamlined Path for your audience to follow, with well-organized and easy-to-consume content.

How Can You Use Paths?

Paths are for organizations looking to streamline processes, enhance education, and measure engagement.

Measure Your Audience's Engagement

Empirical Evidence of Relationships Built and Lives Touched.

Organizational Insights

Every touchpoint of your users is documented:
videos watched, forms filled, PDFs viewed etc.

Individual Activity

Drill down to the user level to track individual progress and engagement.

"Our organization is multifaceted with different types of stakeholders which accomplishes much with few resources.
For us, the power of VillagePaths is twofold; both the ability to connect users to curated sets of materials that accelerate learning, and the ability to measure that progress."

Ben Moser

President and CEO | United Way


"I lead an activated global network of changemakers. From catalytic experiences, to think tanks, to mentoring
the next generation through educational programs our logistic needs are vast and wide. VillagePaths gives us structure and focus to keep all participants on the same page as we educate, convene, and change the world.

Yarrow Kraner

CEO & Founder | Hatch

"We are always looking for ways to better engage our volunteers, students, and donors to help each discover their purpose through learning, giving, and growing. VillagePaths streamlines our educational efforts with documentation to know “who is doing what” in real time. It’s a timesaver for organizations. This process improvement tool is worth considering."

Brittany Branyon

Program Director | Auburn University

"VillagePaths has provided my students with a tool which allows online access to curriculum individually tailored to meet my course objectives. The user interface provides an easy-to-use platform which directs learners to enriching learning experiences that engage and empower them to take charge of their future success. Overall, the experience of using this content management system has been a plus for tracking the progress of learners."  

Audrey Marshall

Work-Based Learning Coordinator | Auburn City Schools

Partner with us in our mission to change the world, one Path at a time

No credit card needed