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A video loop showing a desktop with a Path about Acute Myeloid Leukemia, all the steps that might be included, and colored text bubbles explaining how to set up your path, and track user progress through the Path

Data-Driven Insights

an example of analytics of a patients progress through a path

Real-time Metrics

Paths generates valuable data on patient engagement, behaviors, and preferences. Through analytics, healthcare providers gain insights into trends, enabling you to tailor the approach. For instance, if certain content garners high engagement, the healthcare team can prioritize similar materials for future use. When you know how patients are engaged with your content, you can adjust to better meet their needs.


Embed a Video from YouTube or Vimeo
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Dashboard mockup


Embed an audio file from SoundCloud.


Upload a document for your patients.
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Dashboard mockup

Virtual Event

Create an online meeting that students can participate in


Create an online form that students can fill in.
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Dashboard mockup


Provide a link to an external website or resource.


Upload image to enhance your patients' understanding
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Dashboard mockup

Rich Media

Create a rich media step using HTML

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