The human brain is strange and wonderful.

But sometimes, it's more strange than wonderful, and it leaves patients and their caregivers afraid of what the future holds.

Don't let your patients get lost - give them a Path.
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Paths is built to support patients and caregivers through better education, communication, and coordination.

Caring for individuals with dementia presents a complex array of challenges, deeply affecting both caregivers and the patient. The dementia journey involves a support network, access to resources, and professional assistance to navigate the complex landscape of dementia care effectively.

Dementia is an umbrella term used for more than 120 specific diagnoses of degenerative conditions that are characterized by the progressive decline in cognitive function, significant memory impairment, reasoning, communication abilities, and the performance of daily activities. Alzheimer's Disease, Vascular Dementia, and Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) are the most diagnosed forms of dementia.

One of the primary challenges in dementia care is the unpredictability of the condition. Symptoms can fluctuate dramatically, presenting a moving target for caregivers who must constantly adapt to changing needs. This variability can make education and care-planning exceedingly difficult, as the strategies that were effective one day may prove futile the next.

Paths provides professional dementia caregivers a robust and easy-to-use online platform that provides for accessible education, clear communication, and straightforward care coordination for family and care-partners. When you create a Path for your patient and their support network, you’re providing a manageable journey that can greatly reduce the considerable emotional and physical burden placed on caregivers.

Dementia care is a multifaceted challenge that demands a great deal of understanding, patience, adaptability, and emotional strength. Paths will help make that journey more manageable one step at a time through a higher quality of connection with care-partners and evidenced-based engagement.  

We invite you to try Paths for your patients and their caregivers. If you would like to schedule a demo, please let us know. We are here to help you improve patient outcomes and manage the difficult dementia care journey.
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Ok, but what is a Path?

A Path is a curated list of "Steps," if you will. With our simple interface you can put together all of the information you say a million times a day into a single place for all of your patients and their families to access, whenever they need.
Quickly organize general information for every patient
Easily make custom, personal Paths for more high-touch patients
Control who sees what information, so Paths are always on topic

How can Paths help with Dementia Care?

Dementia is so often misunderstood, and so many patients need the care of a whole care team. Paths is a one-stop portal for the whole care team, so everyone can be a part of the journey and contribute on a higher level.
Get new patients and caregivers onboarded smoothly
Make sure an entire care team is on the same page
See current data about patient and care team engagement
Get relevant data on Steps where the care team is getting stuck or frustrated, so you can speak to specific problems at upcoming visits
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How does Paths help me?

Each day is a series of challenges that your patients need to overcome. What if there were one easy place where they and their family could go to see all of their care needs and appointment notes? And what if you could see how they engage with those Steps? Together we can elevate the care of people struggling to cope with their changing minds and provide them Paths through the hardships.
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