What Happens When a Cancer Doctor Gets Cancer?

About the Episode

Kermit Farmer’s wife, Linda, enjoyed a successful career as an oncologist until she was diagnosed with stomach cancer herself.

She faced complications throughout the treatment process and was hospitalized 11 times in ten months before making the decision to go on hospice.

And after 18 days of hospice care at home, Linda passed away.

Kermit wanted to honor Linda’s legacy. So, he leveraged his experience as a caregiver, his understanding of the medical industry and his background in logistics to build Paths, a software platform that helps clinicians communicate effectively with patients.

On this episode of Tell Me More, Kermit walks us through Linda’s battle with stomach cancer, describing her pragmatic approach to the disease and the extraordinary way she communicated with her family, colleagues and patients throughout the process.

Kermit shares his frustration with the limited way clinicians deliver information and how Paths allows doctors to curate videos, audio files and documents to help patients understand their diagnosis and what to expect in treatment.

Listen in for Kermit’s insight on how clinicians are using his software successfully and learn how Paths is transforming doctor-patient communication and saving lives!

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